Saturday June 29th, 2024 - 2:00PM
F Comedy at WSCC, New York, NY
Join us for Chicago style improvisation. 

Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned improviser, come take this fun play-driven workshop that focuses on Chicago style long form improvisation. Instead of having to worry about being funny or saying something witty you can learn to improvise (and perform) with behavior.

This class will focus on scene-work and being playful. This work is useful especially if you're trying to get out of your head and be more free on stage. Open to improvisers, actors, standups, clowns, or any performers/aspiring performers.

The workshop will be catered to individual needs/experience.

About John Randall:

John Randall is a standup, improviser, producer and experienced prank caller. He studied improvisation and sketch at The Second City and was in a house ensemble at iO Chicago aka The Improv Olympic. He also trained at The Annoyance Theater, CIC Theater, The Green Shirt Acting Studio (Meisner) and The Chicago Actors Gymnasium (Clown).

John has performed at the Flyover Comedy Festival, Bentwood Comedy Festival, Chicago Improv Festival and New York Comedy Festival. He currently produces a handful of live shows including a traveling variety show called Comedytown that has sold-out theaters in NYC, LA, SF, Chicago and featured acts such as Meg Stalter, Joe Pera, Jo Firestone, Todd Barry, Mitra Jouhari, Cat Cohen, Joel Kim Booster and more.

On a nightly basis you can catch John performing improv, standup, and characters all around NYC. He hosts a weekly variety show in Brooklyn called The Letdown and a monthly show at the Brooklyn Comedy Collective where his two-person team performs an hour of improv.

John has been teaching and coaching improv since 2018 and it's his favorite thing to do.


Class is for 18+

No Refunds, No Exchanges, No Cancellations (No semester roll-overs).

We reserve the right to remove anyone from a course and refund their money at any time for any reason.

Students who enroll are entitled to free open mics at West Side Comedy Club for the duration of their course.

$ 65.00
$ 50.00
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