Christine Berg


Christine Berg, nee Meehan, has been a NYC club favorite for over 10 years. Her debut album, Bumped, was recorded while she was massive, nine months pregnant, and wheezing.. Her second album, Self Kare, is being recorded this year. She is on regular rotation on Sirius XM and is featured on Scary Mommy as Miss Pillows, a goofy boob-care series for humans with boobs (real and fake). She forced her comic husband to do a docuseries called Couples Therapy on Showtime. Though the producers claimed they were too Wonderbread to be featured, Berg has many friends with tons of melanin. She can be seen on Amazon Prime in the documentary 25 Sets. She has written for Buzzfeed, Romper, and Bustle and is working on finding a publisher for her book about being kidnapped in a Muslim country. Christine's irreverant style of comedy makes you feel as though she's your favorite wild auntie who thinks your mother tries too hard. She thinks kids are better than adults, and both should learn when to shut up. She can be found coaching competitive gymnastics in North Jersey and does stand up to stay nice to those damn kids. Her 6 year old daughter only likes jokes about chickens.
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