Annick Adelle


Annick earned his spurs in the birthplace of comedy: first local performances in San Francisco and Los Angeles, then feature and headlining tours across the entire USA. Annick burns for comedy. There is hardly a place where there hasn't been a game. From quirky locations like the basement of a pizza shop in New York to renowned comedy clubs like the "L.A. Comedy Store and the Laugh Factory. As soon as we arrived in Germany, things happened in quick succession: Nonsense Comedy Club, Nightwash and TV inquiries poured in. Annick's fine powers of observation and the ability to work out the absurdities of everyday life not only amuses the mind, but also encourages the viewer to think. Annick takes up topics that are currently moving and shares astute observations without anyone losing face. The focus of the shows is being in the moment. with the audience. situation comedy. The spectator can be there. Each performance unique, so not played again. You have to experience this talent yourself: Annick Adelle.
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