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Shows on November 19th 2022
  • Saturday November 19th 01:00PM
  • F Comedy Club
  • The Art and Business of Comedy Club Hosting and TV Audience Warm-Up
  • The Art and Business of Comedy Club Hosting and TV Audience Warm-UpTips and Techniques to Success in Comedy Clubs and TelevisionWhat:  A one-day comedy seminar created and hosted by Kevin Bartini.    The focus of the seminar is towards teaching the basics of Comedy Club Hosting and how those skills transfer to lucrative work in Corporate Comedy, Cruise Ships and especially TV Audience Warm-Up.  Taught by Kevin Bartini, one of the top Audience Warm-Up comics in television.Including Professional Tips and Techniques *    Opening a Show Properly - How to Engage the Audience and Set The Tone Upfront*    Time Management -  Keeping the Show Running On Time*    Communication with Club Manager and Watistaff*    Mixing Material and Improv Simultaneously*    Bringing Comics on and Off Stage  *    Handling Hecklers*    The Do’s and Don’t of Crowdwork*    Mastering The CheckspotThere will also be a focus on how to use hosting to advance one’s stand-up career.   To open doors to consistent work in city and road clubs. To  making and maintaining valuable connections that lead to more work in television, corporate comedy and beyond.  Who:  Kevin Bartini has been a NYC based comedian for over 20 years.  His improvisational-based stand-up gained the attention of club bookers early on.  After a few years hosting club shows all over town, his quick wit, easy demeanor, and professionalism helped him transition into a successful career in the world of TV Audience-Warm-Up.  In only a few years he warmed up audiences for over 20 shows including working for both The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report simultaneously.   Full bio available at For a young comic, hosting is often the best way to break into a club. Although the host is the most important comic on the show besides the headliner, most clubs hire inexperienced comics to run their shows. A great show starts with a great host. Distinguishing oneself as a good host is a great way to not only get paid work at a comedy club, but to be asked back again and again.This seminar will focus on two specific themes. First, how to help build the specific skill set that is required to be a good comedy club host. Second, how to transfer that skill set to TV Audience Warm Up. Kevin Bartini boils down lessons learned by trial and errors from a three decade career.